A Nightmare On Elm Street 8CD Box Set OST
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A Nightmare On Elm Street 8CD Box Set OST
A Nightmare On Elm Street 8CD Box Set OST
Esta edicion de lujo de la OST de Nightmare On Elm Street fue publicado en 2015 y tiene casi 3 horas de bonus tracks ademas de un empaque hermoso... la joda es que es una edicion limitada de solo 2000 unidades y no es para nada barata...
por lo menos podemos disfrutar de la musica en formato digital y mirar las fotos jajajaja

Les dejo un video review de esta edicion que encontre por youtube


rack Listing
Disc 1: Wes Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street (Charles Bernstein)
2.Main Title3:32
3.Laying The Traps2:06
4.Dream Attack1:20
5.Rod Hanged / Night Stalking4:44
6.Jail Cell1:13
8.Sleep Clinic2:25
9.Terror In The Tub0:59
10.No Escape2:15
11.School Horror / Stay Awake4:02
13.Telephone Terror1:08
14.Fountain Of Blood1:03
15.Evil Freddy0:50
16.Final Search3:57
17.Run Nancy1:08
18.BONUS / UNRELEASED: Horror Movie (source cue)0:43
19.Nancy Glen2:30
21.Freddy's Hat0:59
22.Bridge Talk1:08
23.Bars On Windows1:00
24.Freddy's Glove0:22
25.Dad At Glen's0:45
26.Boiler Room1:22
27.Show Yourself0:45
28.Morning After1:23
30.DEMOS: Freddy #1 (mono)3:32
31.Weird #1 (stereo)2:59
32.Chase #1 (stereo)1:06
33.Chase #2 (mono)2:10
34.Rhythm #1 (stereo)1:30
35.Theme Sketch (stereo)1:55
36.Concert Overture: A Nightmare On Elm Street (Home Mockup Sketch, Summer 2015) (stereo)5:25
 Disc Time:65:15

Disc 2: A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (Christopher Young)
1.Main Title2:32
2....And Leave The Driving To Us2:01
3.Furnace Flare-Up2:17
4.Kissing Freddy On The Catwalk3:21
6.Jump Rope1:45
7.Fire Bird3:12
8.Dream Heat1:11
9.Necromancer's Spell2:31
10.Kill For Me2:35
11.Sports Attack / Threatening Angela2:35
12.Freed Of Her1:29
14.BONUS / UNRELEASED (mono & stereo): The Horror In My Head1:29
15.Wake Up1:48
16.My Sick Toaster (stereo)1:31
17.Any Dream Will Do (stereo)0:39
18.Daymare (stereo)0:42
20.Which Witness1:39
21.Not Again2:04
22.Wrong Turn Right2:34
23.Head On Fire1:12
24.Feet On Fire1:22
25.Sting Thing #10:20
26.Sting Thing #20:28
27.Sting Thing #30:22
28.Sting Thing #40:18
29.Hells Bells0:12
30.Nightmare On Elm Street Suite – “Suite Dreams” (stereo)15:49
 Disc Time:63:13

Disc 3: A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Angelo Badalamenti)
1.Opening (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)1:52
2.Puppet Walk3:19
3.Save The Children1:24
4.Taryn's Deepest Fear2:48
5.Deceptive Romance2:47
6.Snake Attack1:46
7.Magic Butterfly1:21
8.The Embrace0:43
9.Quiet Room / Wheelchair / Icy Bones2:42
10.Rumbling Room1:15
12.The Dream House2:02
13.Is Freddy Gone? / Trouble Starting / Prime Time TV / Icy Window4:38
14.Grave Walk1:14
15.Nursery Theme1:56
16.Light's Out0:57
17.BONUS / UNRELEASED MUSIC (mono): Main Title (Film Version)2:18
18.Dreaming / Basement Chase (composed by Ken Harrison)4:05
19.Bathroom Attack / Computer1:41
20.The Snake (composed by Ken Harrison) (Film Version)2:14
21.Sleepwalk (composed by Ken Harrison) (Film Version)3:38
22.Prime Time0:26
23.Junkyard Intro / Mom's Head1:33
24.Alley Part A (composed by Ken Harrison) / Alley Part B (composed by Ken Harrison) (Film Version)2:11
25.Freddy Hell (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)2:56
26.Skeleton Fight (composed by Ken Harrison) / Mirrors1:20
27.Dad Descends / Nancy Dies (composed by Ken Harrison)2:24
 Disc Time:56:16

Disc 4: A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (Craig Safan)
1.Kristen's Haunted Dream (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)3:47
2.Freddy's Back (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)4:29
3.Kincaid Killed In Junkyard1:32
4.Joey's Wet Dream1:43
5.Drugged To Death3:21
6.Alice Lured Into Dream2:29
7.Rick's Kung Fu Death3:20
8.Freddy's Pizza Restaurant1:59
9.Debbie Checks In / Time Circles4:25
10.Sheila Sucks Face2:52
12.Freddy's Calliope1:54
13.Alice Battles Freddy3:56
14.Corpus Krueger3:12
15.BONUS / UNRELEASED (mono): Locker Scare / Boiler Scare (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein) / Bug Scare / Daydream B1:14
16.Alice At Mirror / Mom Discovers Joey / Kristen Faints / Freddy As Nurse / Daytime House (composed by Charles Bernstein)2:25
17.Alice Looks At Sidewalk / Kristen Dies Part D / Burning Bed / Alice Smokes In Bathroom1:54
18.Alice Laments / Sleep Clinic (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein) / Daydream C2:12
19.Freddy Reflection (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein) / Alice Wakes / Mind Over Matter / Hospital Arrival1:52
20.Resurrection (songtrack album score suite) (stereo)2:57
 Disc Time:53:13

Disc 5: A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (Jay Ferguson)
1.Prologue – Elm Street Kids0:48
2.Main Title3:22
3.It's A Boy!0:59
4.Freddy Delivers1:18
5.Family Plot1:32
6.Yvonne Takes The Plunge0:54
7.Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Dream1:17
8.Don't Dream And Drive1:44
9.Like Father, Like Son2:02
10.Mark Visits Elm Street (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)1:43
11.Hell On Wheels2:10
12.Another Brick In The Wall1:30
13.Stuffed / Choked (Gag Me With A Spoon)1:32
15.The Asylum1:13
16.There Was A Crooked Man1:51
17.Freddy's Stroller1:22
18.Super Freddy1:17
20.Freddy Cuts Up1:47
21.Mr. And Mrs. Jordan1:47
22.Party At Club Fred1:27
23.Amanda's Tune1:23
24.Jacob's Story1:00
25.Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1:15
26.Don't Look Down0:46
27.St. Elm Street's Child1:59
28.Toys For Tots1:19
29.I've Got You Under My Skin0:54
30.Kicking And Screaming1:03
31.Womb With A V.U.1:52
32.BONUS/UNRELEASED (stereo): Nightmare Theme Insert A (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)0:15
33.Nightmare Theme Insert B (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)0:37
34.Bed Fred Sting0:05
35.Wake Up0:23
36.BONUS / UNRELEASED (mono): New Line Logo / Main Title (Film Version)3:22
37.Rape / Bed Fred / Freddy Sting0:39
38.Elm Street Kids (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)2:07
39.Delivery Room (Birth)1:44
40.Crash / You Are Pregnant1:55
41.Jacob / Greta's Room1:31
42.Greta's Room Reprise1:25
43.Mark's World Continued (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein) / Jacob Wait / Resolute Mark1:25
44.The Womb / Keep The Baby1:23
45.Greta's Doll1:00
46.Yvonne Goes To The Asylum2:22
 Disc Time:65:17

Disc 6: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (Brian May)
1.Opening Titles1:32
2.Main Title2:18
3.Doc's Dream Theory1:51
4.John's Eyeball1:16
5.Maggie's First Dream0:52
6.Wizard Of Odd0:39
7.The Dream Continues0:42
8.John's Dream1:27
9.Crossing The Line0:34
10.No Kids At The Fair2:02
11.Map Hell1:02
12.Freddy “101”1:59
13.There's No Way Out1:41
14.Checking Out The House1:11
15.Mama's Q-Tip0:37
16.Freddy Wins0:51
17.I Hate This House2:35
18.Back With Doc1:38
19.Defend Myself (Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)1:42
20.Maggie Faces Freddy3:31
21.Tracy's Dad1:29
22.Tracy And Freddy's Fight1:14
23.It's Me Or Him2:41
24.Freddy's Dad1:02
25.Freddy Is Made Forever0:29
26.Freddy Into Reality2:05
27.It's Me or Him II1:38
28.Happy Father's Day4:17
29.BONUS / UNRELEASED MUSIC (mono): Little Girl On Place / Awakening I0:42
30.Going My Way / John On The Bus1:06
31.Slam Dunk / Van To Fair / Jesus1:15
32.Tracy Finds Hearing Aid0:30
33.The Orphanage1:09
34.Maggie Sees Watertower / Trying To Save Spencer / Inside Spencer's Dream / Freddy Wins Spencer B / Spencer's Fall1:15
35.Freddy Gets John's Soul1:08
36.Doc Looks For Tracy / Freddy Out / The Dream People1:16
37.Video Game Suite (Ashley Irwin)1:31
 Disc Time:54:47

Disc 7: Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (J. Peter Robinson)
1.Opening & Theme (Overlay) (written by J. Peter Robinson and Charles Bernstein)1:10
2.Claw Attack1:26
3.Chase And Heather1:15
4.Wall Scratches & Theme (Overlay) (written by J. Peter Robinson, including Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)0:39
5.Freddy Calls0:35
6.TV Show Source (written By Charles Bernstein, arranged by J. Peter Robinson)0:59
7.Freddy's Back & Theme (Overlay) (written by J. Peter Robinson, including Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)0:46
8.Dylan / Rex Saved Me / Heather Explains / Bedtime Story (written by J. Peter Robinson, including Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)5:53
9.Chase's Blues (written by J. Peter Robinson, Tom Canning, Mike Rockwell)0:48
10.Chase Gets The Claw0:42
12.Funeral Part A & B3:01
13.Nosebleed (written by J. Peter Robinson, including Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)2:44
14.The Park1:12
15.Dylan Meets God2:36
16.Painting At Robert Englunds Part A & B2:58
17.Dylan Attacks Heather2:01
19.Childhood Schizophrenia1:21
21.Wes & Theme (Overlay) (written by J. Peter Robinson, including Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)3:30
22.Miss Me??!!1:07
24.Everything Is NOT Fine2:47
25.Julie Killed3:56
27.Transformation / Emergence & Theme (Overlay) (written by J. Peter Robinson, including Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein)3:15
29.Dylan / Eels / Chasing Dylan / Heather To Rescue / Explosions9:09
30.Read Me A Story & Theme Overlay (written by J. Peter Robinson and Charles Bernstein) / End Credits9:24
 Disc Time:77:14

Disc 8: Freddy Vs. Jason (Graeme Revell)
1.Nightmare Theme / Boiler Room / Freddy Recap4:13
2.Make Em Remember1:22
3.Outside The Window0:35
4.Lights Out0:37
5.Open Back Door1:05
6.Gibbs Shower, Trey Gets Killed1:08
7.Police Station1:13
8.Girl With No Eyes3:07
9.Blake Meets Freddy1:19
10.Dad Loses Head0:15
11.Psych Ward At Night0:40
12.Orange Juice0:57
13.Lori Passes Out0:24
14.Mark Hassles Lori0:40
15.Got Your Nose0:52
16.Run From School0:13
17.Library / Will And Mark In Van2:41
18.Gibb In The Cornfield / Into The Silo1:40
19.Gibb Meets Freddy1:14
20.Jason Sees Raver1:25
21.Pig To Fuck1:36
22.I Was There Lori2:33
23.Bathtub / Mark Dies3:09
24.You Understand0:26
25.French Kiss1:46
26.Security Control Room1:46
27.Stoner Bug0:54
28.Destroying Hypnocil0:56
29.Attack in Control Room2:48
30.Jason's First Dream0:56
31.Dream Fight Part A0:34
32.Dream Fight Part B0:31
33.Jason's Weakness1:10
34.Jason Unmasked3:47
35.Freddy Gets Young Jason3:27
36.Wake Up Lori1:47
37.Jason Goes After Freddy0:57
38.Linderman Dies0:42
39.Man The Torpedoes2:41
40.The Dock2:33
41.Freddy Dies / Finale - Friday the 13th: The Series (composed by Harry Manfredi)3:44
 Disc Time:64:23
 Total Album Time:499:38

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